PAUL L. PASCAL (In Memoriam 1937 – 2018)

In Memoriam (1937-2018)

After battling pancreatic cancer, the founding member of our law firm, Paul Pascal passed away on the morning of April 9, 2018. It is truly somber day for his family, friends, colleagues, and members of what he would fondly refer to as District’s “ABC Bar”.

Paul, a Native Washingtonian, started his career as a young attorney in the Florida Avenue Market (now known as Union Market). Known as the “Market Attorney” early in his legal career, Paul represented many Union Market wholesalers. Paul and co-founder Anton Weiss relocated the firm to its current location in Capitol Hill.  Throughout their law firm career together, Paul would always say that in all of his many years practicing law with Anton , they never had an argument, and Anton would always reply on cue that it was because he respected his elders and Paul responded that it was because he was always right.

Paul was deeply respected for his extensive experience in the alcoholic beverage industry. He served as the President and General Counsel for the District of Columbia Association of Beverage Alcohol Wholesalers. Paul brought a unique perspective to the firm’s alcoholic beverage and food-centric business practice.

Paul, you are an institution. You have touched many lives. We will miss you.